Jeugdland | Maakland

This Summer we discovered a true gem of a playground on the east side of Amsterdam. I am sure that many Amsterdam folk already know about this, and I actually can’t believe that I only found out now… I mean, as a mom of three in Amsterdam it is my business to know! Seriously, where have I been hiding these four and a half years of Motherhood?!


The playground is called Jeugdland|Maakland and is located on the outskirts of the city across from the Science Park of the University of Amsterdam, wedged between het Nieuwe Diep and Flevopark. It is an idealic location, but beware parking spaces are very limited. I suggest you come by bike or public transportation.


This playground is so much more than a regular neighbourhood playground. There is a pet-zoo, there are go-kart races, there are really long slides, and there is an area where dads can let out their inner caveman to build wooden huts. On Sundays children can come to help tend to the vegetable garden and it is a fantastic place to host outdoor birthday parties.


We spent a splendid Sunday afternoon at Jeugdland and I know we will come back soon and often. The boys had a really good time. Sam couldn’t get enough of the long slides and can’t wait to be old enough to build huts with his dad. I hope we can celebrate one of our birthdays there one day.


Details (in Dutch) can be found on their website:


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